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Neat idea! It's really neat the way its misère nature is hidden, or at least not explicitly stated.

From my hand analysis (of 45 positions) it seems all the positions are nim-heaps. Too bad, though maybe that's okay for a starter. I'd have a hard time memorizing the analysis as it is.

Have you analyzed the 4x4 game? How about playing on other polyominoes?

Thane Plambeck

Hi Dan, nice to hear from you!

The empty board is G = {2+,0}

Misere quotient of order 18.


I can send you a paper ... haven't published it anywhere

I'd like to work out 4x4, but haven't yet

Thane Plambeck

Everything is a nim heap except the start position and the position with the center (only) occupied, which is 2+


Yipe, you're right. I was just coming back to
correct my earlier result--I had been using a
bogus shortcut in my analysis, which I noticed
a little after I commented.

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