07 August 2004

Four Escape From Frederika State Penitentiary

By Fran Taff
Context Free Press Writer

Frederika, IA --- Four convicted criminals, including a stockbroker being held on relatively minor violations, forced their way out of police custody just before a planned facility inspection by scrambling up a chain link fence and then fleeing, it is suspected, directly out the main entrance to the facility disguised as clowns, an FBI investigator disclosed today.

Sheriff William Brock identified the escapees as Hector Gavin, 26; Paul Chambers, 25; Jonathan Bamford, 30; and Eugene Allen, 21.

"This is not going to happen again, you can bet on that," Brock said. "This could be a bad one. Eugene Allen sticks out like a sore thumb in this group. He's a real bad egg. It's just too bad, but we'll clean up this situation by tracking them down via the leads we've got."

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