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This is my 2002 journal.
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12 Feb 2002
Be on the lookout

From an FBI bulletin describing a suspected terrorist:

Al-Rabeei is believed to be a Yemeni national born in Saudi Arabia in 1979. He may be traveling on Yemeni passport 00452004. Other al-Rabeei aka's include Fawaz Yahia Hassan Aribii, Fawaz al-Fubai, Fawaz Yehia Hassan al-Rabie, Fawaz Yahya Hasan al-Rabi'i, Fawaz Yahya al-Ribi (al-Ruba'i, al-Rabia'i, al-Rabi'i), Forqan al-Tajiki, Furqan al-Tajiki, Furgan al-Tajiki, Furqan the Chechen, Faris al-Baraq, Sa'id, Musharraf, and Salem al-Farhan.
Wait a that the Furqan the Chechen I know?

9 Feb 2002
Prison Jump Suit

Upside down, this guy looks like me [GIF].

It's thankfully just a mistaken identity [GIF].