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This is my 2000 journal.
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August 2000
I clung to the mast of the Space Needle

It's about what you would expect—a bit windy.

The inverted bowl of the Space Needle curls away and down from you in all directions.

Read the Wired article.

America's Funniest Home Senryu

From The Atlantic Monthly (online) magazine:

This contest is inspired by WelchM (Michael Dylan Welch), a poet and haiku scholar whom your word-game hosts met in the Writers' Club on AOL. He is the editor of Woodnotes, a quarterly haiku and senryu magazine...

Senryu, as WelchM has explained to us, is a form of poetry very like haiku but with a dash of humorous irony. Such a poem typically has three lines and a total of about 10 to 14 syllables in no fixed arrangement. Rhymes and titles are not necessary and in fact are likely to be counterproductive. The purpose is to convey an image, one with a wryly ironic twist...
This was my contest entry:

America's Funniest Home Senryu

Camcorder, ball & bat
Man clutching groin

Sleeping man with cat
Smoke detector
Flesh trickles blood

Unlikely to be tasted
Atop flimsy table
The wedding cake

As at Gettysburg
Bodies everywhere
Unstable trampoline

Ill-fitting dress
Grandmother dancing
Without it

Deep fly ball
Veering foul
New windshield planned

Not for long
Astride boat and land
Pushing off from the dock

I didn't win.