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11 August 2004

Some books that I'm reading.

"Reading" usually means one of the following:

1) I bought the book at Amazon and it is languishing unread in a stack of books in my office; or
2) I checked it out from the Palo Alto public library and returned it none the worse for wear.

In order to display the thumbnail book pictures on this page, I became an Amazon Associate. The "incentive" for joining this program is supposed to be that I'll get money if you click through the links and buy one of these books. I don't really care about that; I just wanted a way to show pictures of the books and their titles easily. The Amazon Associates "Build-a-Link" web pages make it easy to do that, but you have to become an Associate to reach those pages. Anyway, it doesn't cost anything to become an associate (or at least it didn't, when I signed up, on 11 August 2004), although I did have to reveal my Social Security Number.

Here's their logo (I don't know if I'm required to display it):

Let's get started. I'll take the book that is closest to me right now. This happens to be

Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, 6th ed

I don't actually have this book (I have the 5th edition, instead), but no matter. I do open it up from time to time. Last night I consulted this book looking for information about an excellent Jazz album by Blue Mitchell (I didn't find it in the book):

Thing to Do

You really should just go ahead and buy that Blue Mitchell CD. You can thank me later.

There are alternative, more crass formats for these Amazon Associates links. For example, here is one that they provided to me in reponse to my Build-A-Link query for music by the Jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan:

That blinking thing on top really bugs me.

The interesting thing about that one is that it changes every time you reload the page. One time you read it, you might get Lee Morgan's Sidewinder (one of his best albums); other times, you won't. I have an awful lot of Lee Morgan albums, but not all of them, so it's kind of fun for me to reload the page and look at it.

One Lee Morgan album I wouldn't recommend is "The Rumproller." "Search for the New Land" is another good one though. So is "Sonic Boom." Generally speaking, any Lee Morgan recorded prior to about 1964 can be counted on to provide the goods.

I seem to have gotten sidetracked into Jazz CDs. This was supposed to be about books.