tractatus wittgensteino-markovus

1) In logical syntax must go without saying.

2) The method by which a truth function of elementary propositions, then everyone who understands me finally recognizes them as something inviolable, just as elementary propositions can neither be a law of contradiction in order to show it in a determinate way.

3) A tautologys truth is that we could choose two different signs instead, and then saying of every square whether it is true.

4) And similarly we can express a thought a propositional variable may take is something that is required is that it can be expressed by dx,y....

5) Wherever it is always a single truth function is produced out of elementary propositions there are, then the inner function F and the same time the effect must be independent of one situation to us, and so on.

What is this thing?
I don`t care, just do it again.