prison break

Three Escape From Highland Police Holding Facility

By Margret Holcombe
Context Free Press Writer

Highland, IN --- Three convicted criminals, including two men about to extradited to California on murder charges, forced their way out of police custody today by forcing open two locks using a makeshift pry bar and then escaping in a prison van, police spokesmen announced today.

The commandeered vehicle used in the escape was found several hours later abandoned in a ditch.

The tools used in the escape were left discarded on a sidewalk.

Sheriff William Conner identified the escapees as Kenneth Wallace, 25; William Hopkins, 19; and Michael Mcevoy, 26.

"Is this embarrassing? Yes," Conner said. "This is a real unfortunate situation. Kenneth Wallace cannot be trusted in any way, shape, or form. The evidence against two of these guys shows they're willing to risk other people's lives."
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