prison break

Four Escape From Edgewood Federal Prison

By Heidi Peterson
Context Free Press Writer

Edgewood, MD --- Four convicted felons, including one man scheduled for release just two weeks later, forced their way out of police custody two days ago by briefly taking one visitor hostage and then escaping via temporary passageway originally intended for maintenance workers, investigators revealed today.

The visitor reported minor injuries after falling when the prisoners rushed by him.

Sheriff Phillip Hasbrouck identified the escapees as James Baskerville, 25; Leslie Cole, 22; Robert Riegel, 19; and Oscar Morrissey, 27.

"Is this embarrassing? Yes," Hasbrouck said. "In this escape you've got a guy who can be real trouble. Oscar Morrissey will not stop until someone stops him. When you've got a mixed group of escapees like this, you expect maybe they'll make a mistake, and if they do, we're going to be on top it."
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