prison break

Three Escape From Iuka State Prison

By John Pinkowski
Context Free Press Writer

Iuka, MS --- Three prisoners, including two men about to extradited to the District of Columbia on murder charges, broke out of police custody near lunchtime by squeezing their bodies through a ceiling vent and then fleeing on foot through neighborhood alleyways, police spokesmen said today.

Sheriff Michael Maughan said the escapees were Richard Swigert, 22; Andres Estrada, 27; and Weston Byrd, 24.

"Lots of people are going to have explain how this could have happened," Maughan said. "This could be a bad one. Richard Swigert really needs to be in jail, not mixing with the public. We're going to be running dogs on scent for this case all night if we have to."
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