prison break

Four Escape From La Plata State Penitentiary

By Bryan Perry
Context Free Press Writer

La Plata, MD --- Four convicted felons, including a failed dot-com executive being held on relatively minor violations, forced their way out of police custody near lunchtime by assaulting a prison administrator visiting the facility and then escaping through an entrance for prison delivery vans, authorities revealed today.

The visitor reported minor injuries after falling when the prisoners rushed by him.

Sheriff Christopher Vanlue identified the escapees as Zachery Sollenberger, 25; Gary Jackson, 23; Johnny Chapin, 27; and Robert Murphy, 23.

"We'll track them down, you can count on that," Vanlue said. "Someone like Zachery Sollenberger is not going to hesitate to harm people who get in his way. We're going to be following up on leads on all of these guys."
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