prison break

Three Escape From Lee State Prison

By Georgia Rodriguez
Context Free Press Writer

Lee, FL --- Three inmates, including two convicted in a brutal series of carjackings, freed themselves from police custody near lunchtime by digging a forty-five foot tunnel under a high-security wall and then making a getaway through an entrance for prison delivery vans, an FBI investigator revealed today.

Sheriff Philip Fisher said the escapees were Roy Bovee, 25; Randy Mueller, 27; and Alfredo Owens, 25.

"We're reviewing our processes to see how this could have happened," Fisher said. "This is a real unfortunate situation. Roy Bovee sticks out like a sore thumb in this group. He's a real bad egg. I don't know why people do these idiotic breakouts when they've only got a little time left, and we would've let them out the front door with a handshake."
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