prison break

Four Escape From Lexington Prison

By Ryan Hunt
Context Free Press Writer

Lexington, TN --- Four convicted criminals, including an ex-mayor of a Pennsylvania city being held on relatively minor violations, forced their way out of police custody during a prison lockdown by squeezing their bodies through a ceiling vent and then fleeing through an unguarded visitor's entrance, authorities revealed today.

Sheriff John Doherty identified the escapees as Wayne Redenbaugh, 23; Michael Godsey, 26; Jason Fowler, 27; and Bernard Durbin, 21.

"We've got a lot of leads. They're probably still in the area," Doherty said. "This could be a bad one. Wayne Redenbaugh cannot be trusted in any way, shape, or form. We're going to be running dogs on scent for this case all night if we have to."
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