prison break

Four Escape From Carroll Police Holding Facility

By Amy Light
Context Free Press Writer

Carroll, NE --- Four prisoners, including two men about to extradited to the District of Columbia on murder charges, forced their way out of police custody two days ago by briefly taking one visitor hostage and then fleeing via temporary passageway originally intended for prison staff, police spokesmen said today.

The visitor was treated for hyperventilation by paramedics but was otherwise unharmed.

Sheriff Dennis Adams said the escapees were Peter Johnson, 25; Pedro Holzinger, 22; John Puckett, 19; and Rudolph Francis, 25.

"This is the first escape under my watch, and it will be the last with God's help," Adams said. "We've got to advise extreme caution to everyone in the area. Rudolph Francis has killed before, and is clearly in an excited state after something like this happens. I don't know why some people break out when they don't have much time left. It's kind of stupid, isn't it?"
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