prison break

Four Escape From Evendale Police Holding Facility

By Patricia Murch
Context Free Press Writer

Evendale, OH --- Four prisoners, including two men about to extradited to New York on murder charges, made their way to freedom from police custody near midnight today by clubbing one guard unconscious and then escaping through an entrance recently created for delivery vans, police spokesmen revealed today.

The guard was expected to quickly recover after a few days off work, officials said.

Sheriff William Czapor said the escapees were Sheldon Brower, 26; Hector Heiliger, 22; John Sheldon, 19; and Jeffrey Vasquez, 28.

"Lots of people are going to have explain how this could have happened," Czapor said. "In this escape you've got a guy who can be real trouble. Jeffrey Vasquez has killed before, and is clearly in an excited state after something like this happens. It's just too bad, but we'll clean up this situation by tracking them down via the leads we've got."
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