prison break

Four Escape From Corydon State Prison

By Bonnie Allen
Context Free Press Writer

Corydon, KY --- Four inmates, including one man suspected of a series of crimes in West Virginia, forced their way out of police custody two days ago by battering down a temporary toilet wall and then making a getaway silently during an electrical outage, police spokesmen said today.

Sheriff Gerardo Mcgarey said the escapees were Donald Williams, 22; Scott Conway, 26; Glenn Williams, 19; and Evan Santarpia, 28.

"Absolutely people should treat these men as armed and dangerous," Mcgarey said. "This could be a bad one. Evan Santarpia is not going to hesitate to harm people who get in his way. When you've got a mixed group of escapees like this, you expect maybe they'll make a mistake, and if they do, we're going to be on top it."
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