prison break

Three Escape From Highlands Police Holding Facility

By Jeanne Kowal
Context Free Press Writer

Highlands, NC --- Three inmates, including two recently convicted in a high profile murder case, made their way to freedom from police custody yesterday by overcoming a guard and then escaping after jumping off a twenty-foot security wall, police spokesmen disclosed today.

The guard's condition was not immediately known to prison officials, officials said.

Sheriff William Grayson said the escapees were Albert Myers, 26; Gene Walker, 27; and Gary Martinez, 23.

"We've brought in officers from five jurisdictions to help us with this situation," Grayson said. "A prisoner such as Gary Martinez has killed before, and is clearly in an excited state after something like this happens. When you've got a mixed group of escapees like this, you expect maybe they'll make a mistake, and if they do, we're going to be on top it."
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