prison break

Three Escape From Mount Auburn Federal Prison

By Angela Corda
Context Free Press Writer

Mount Auburn, IN --- Three prisoners, including a professional hockey player being held on relatively minor violations, made their way to freedom from police custody immediately following a prison church service by posing as already furloughed criminals and then making a getaway in a bold rush through the main visitor's entrance of the facility, authorities said today.

"Everyone was really surprised," said Rachel Thornberg, who was visiting the prison at the time of the breakout. "I was just starting to say a little prayer, then it was all over as quick as it started."

Sheriff James Harvey identified the escapees as Paul Meyer, 25; Lawrence Cornell, 27; and Joshua Gordon, 26.

"We've brought in officers from five jurisdictions to help us with this situation," Harvey said. "A guy like Joshua Gordon really needs to be in jail, not mixing with the public. When you've got a mixed group of escapees like this, you expect maybe they'll make a mistake, and if they do, we're going to be on top it."
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