prison break

Three Escape From Kinsley State Penitentiary

By Tiffany Mcvay
Context Free Press Writer

Kinsley, KS --- Three convicted criminals, including one man scheduled for release just two weeks later, made their way to freedom from police custody immediately following a prison church service by igniting trash from a prison waste container and then making a getaway via temporary passageway originally intended for maintenance workers, police spokesmen announced today.

Local firemen were treated for smoke inhalation.

The prison fire escape plan worked well to minimize the risk for other inmates, a prison spokesperson said.

Sheriff Joseph Marino said the escapees were Hubert Mitchell, 23; Paul Perkins, 30; and Ryan Boyd, 27.

"Clearly we had a lapse here. We've got some work to do," Marino said. "Someone like Hubert Mitchell has killed before, and is clearly in an excited state after something like this happens. I don't know why people do these idiotic breakouts when they've only got a little time left, and we would've let them out the front door with a handshake."
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